Here at The4Network, we believe in the impact which education can have on the people of the world. That is why we offer a variety of programs to help anyone around the world get the quality education through means of direct help. Check out our initiatives below!

∈ngaged Learning

ngaged learning operates a massive library of course content, supplying content for live and self-paced classes to institutions around the globe, such as T4N Pinnacle Academy.

Bada Insitutute for Educational Testing

The BIET provides a number of tests for students in grades K-12 and above, inclusive of the ESEST (Elementary School Educational Standards Tests), MSEST, HSEST, CLCS (College Level Class System) and more!

Global Education Accrediting Commission

The T4N GEAC sets standards for compliance for schools and colleges and provides a rigorous accreditation program which both schools and colleges can complete by passing tests for compliance in all relevant standards.

Pinnacle Academy

Pinnacle Academy is the free online school of T4N. Using content from ∈ngaged Learning, Pinnacle Academy brings free education to children around the globe.

Camp Challenge

Introducing T4N Camp Challenge, an in-person action-packed and challenge-based one-week-long day and residential camp! Currently, Camp Challenge only takes place in the Summer, but Winter sessions will hopefully be introduced soon! Sign up to reserve your spot!

International Pedagogical Institute

The T4N IPI aims to help educators become educators of the future. We offer training courses for teachers and coaches around the world, and host a myriad of education conferences and fairs.


At the Informaleon, you can let your imagination run wild! Learn about many topics in our engaging video library, through our books or by ordering our kits! Even  better, download our free presentations and worksheets on the go!


At T4N StudyBuddy, you have the unique opportunity to get the educational support you need through courses on study skills, remedial courses, tutoring, mentoring and more!

Xperience Education

T4N Xperience allows each student to achieve their ultimate potential through providing immersive virtual content delivery systems. We work with ∈ngaged Learning and Pinnacle Academy to allow high quality course content to be delivered in an easy-to-use system.

School Supply Store

Get all of the supplies you need to gear up for the coming school year in our school supply store! With an array of materials including stationary supplies, art supplies and more, this is the place to come to for all your school supply needs!


The VLibrary provides access to a vast library of articles written by T4N VLibrary staff. In our virtual library, you can browse content about a huge variety of topics!

Worldwide Education Project

The Worldwide Education Project aims to bring education of a high quality to children across the world. We aim to make an impact by providing courses, support and materials to children in need of support.