∈ngaged Learning Features

∈ngaged Learning is versatile, and we provide a host of features to make your experience seamless for students, teachers and parents alike.

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Super Interactive Content - Our lessons are full of interactive content! Our lessons are packed with images and interactive elements to help your students succeed.

Easy to Understand - Our lessons are easy to understand with important words in bold. We use simple and clear graphics to make sure the message gets across.

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Parents love us - Our courses have clear instructions for parents on all required materials and instructions on how to complete activities.

Conquer the Content - Our lessons include a variety of interactive activities including links for free tutoring on the topic offered by us and study sets to revise key vocabulary from the lesson.

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Engaging Quizzes - Our lessons each include quizzes which consist both of typed responses and multiple choice questions. Our open-ended free response questions for each lesson allow students to fully understand the content explored and explore content further!

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Ready-Made Presentations - Our courses each include ready-made presentations for each subject! All teachers need to do is locate the right unit and lesson and then they can get all of the resources they may need!

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Fits Perfectly with Physical Materials - Our courses all fit perfectly with a set of physical materials which schools can order or students can order individually! We also include specific worksheets from our own workbooks so parents can print them as many times as needed!

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Pre-Created Forum Posts - Allow your teachers to spend their time on important things! Our ready made forum posts allow teachers to notify students easily of what they'll need for a class, and each post even fits together with a lesson plan and a presentation too!