The4Network Environment helps our surroundings - specifically plant and animal life - both in natural and captive settings to live healthy lives. We aim to bring sustainability to the planet to aid both our own species and animal species globally.

International Animal Welfare Society

The IAWS aims to allow animals throughout the world to lead long and healthy lives through the preservation of their welfare.

The Rainforest Society

The rainforest society tries to improve living conditions for rainforests and prevent deforestation of these precious areas.

Sustainability Project

The Sustainability Project makes the world more sustainable in terms of its resource consumption and energy usage. By helping to control limited resources and promoting renewable resources, the project aims to create a sustainable future for the planet.

Global Zoo & Aquarium Association

The GZAA works with zoos and aquariums globally to protect animal welfare, help in animal conservation and rehabilitation projects and work on educating the public about animals and their struggles through enclosure design optimized for both animal welfare and public education.

Clean Air Project

The Clean Air Project aims to improve the air quality around the world, by helping establish new technology for factories to reduce emissions, helping to reduce vehicle emissions and working to stop deforestation.

Ocean Preservation Project

The OPP aims to help organisms in water thrive by working to reduce pollution in water and thereby improve the conditions for organisms which live in oceans.

Climate Action Association

The CAA tries to minimize global warming and the greenhouse effect by working towards sustainable energy solutions and reducing emissions.

National Park Association

The NPA works with national parks worldwide to help keep these places safe for animals and plants and to protect against common issues faced such as poaching.

Waste Management Coalition

The Waste Management Coalition aims to reduce waste and bring sustainable techniques for its disposal (such as recycling) to the world. The project also aims to help reduce emissions from garbage incineration and prevent waste from entering water sources.