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Global Zoo & Aquarium Association

The GZAA works with zoos and aquariums globally to protect animal welfare, help in animal conservation and rehabilitation projects, and work on educating the public about animals and their struggles through enclosure design optimized for both animal welfare and public education.

The GZAA offers membership to zoos and aquariums globally, which gives these organizations access to a large library of resources and regular events as well as plentiful networking opportunities. GZAA membership is completely free of charge for not-for-profit zoos and aquariums, though for-profit entities must pay a fee of $2,000 per year for GZAA membership.

GZAA members may apply for GZAA accreditation, which includes a detailed review of a specific zoo or aquarium and includes a site visit. Following initial GZAA accreditation, a zoo or aquarium has a full accreditation review every 4 years.

Initial accreditation and subsequent accreditation reviews are free of charge for not-for-profit zoos and aquariums, though travel and lodging costs for inspectors must be covered by the organization. For-profit zoos and aquariums must pay a $1,200 fee for initial accreditation (as well as travel and lodging costs for inspectors) and must pay a $700 fee for all subsequent full accreditation reviews.

Use the button below to begin a zoo/aquarium membership application process. Once approved, you'll receive more information on how and when to apply for GZAA accreditation for your zoo or aquarium.

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