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The4Network CEO, Aryan Marxaney

Aryan Marxaney is the current Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Board for The4Network, and his efforts have greatly contributed to the ability of T4N to help thousands of people globally each year.

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Throughout his life, Aryan has studied at a vast number of institutions. Among the schools and colleges in which Aryan has studied are the Sevenoaks School (UK), the Stanford Online High School (US), the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (US) and the Universita degli Studi di Perugia (Italy).

Aryan has received a number of prestigious awards for his own learning and academic work, including being named as an "AP Scholar with Distinction" by the CollegeBoard. Aryan also became a gold award winner in the Primary Mathematics Challenge, and received separate bronze and silver awards in the Primary Mathematics Challenge Bonus Rounds in later years. 

Aryan is also an avid, active writer. Aryan has written over 35 academic publications, and has also crafted numerous works of fiction and poetry. In addition to writing a book telling the humorous story of his own life, Aryan acts as the editor-in-chief for the Informaleon Publishing House (a division of The4Network). Aryan has managed the editing and publication of over 500 books in print format.

Performing Arts

The performing arts have always been a central element of Aryan's life. In music, Aryan has graced the stages of concert venues in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and South Korea. Through both violin and classical/opera singing, Aryan has given concerts in spectacular locations, inclusive of the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music and Cadogan Hall. 

Also in music, Aryan has composed a number of songs in the modern, musical theatre and opera genres, , including the songs which make up Aryan's opera "Evil and Good." For his abilities in violin and singing, Aryan was named a Music Scholar by the Sevenoaks School.

Aryan has also let his creative capabilities flourish in the world of theatre. On stage, Aryan has acted in numerous productions including several musicals such as "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat." Aryan has also worked behind the scenes in theatres and concert halls, either as the Deputy Stage Manager (DSM) or as the lighting technician.

Finally, Aryan has created numerous puppet theatre productions, contributing as director, puppeteer, set designer and technical director alike in the Munich Marionette Theatre. To-date, the theatre has housed over 15 different productions and holds more than 200 puppets.

Visual Arts

Aryan has created a number of important pieces of visual art in photography, model-making, film and painting alike. An energetic photographer of zoos and animals, Aryan has amassed a vast collection of his own animal photography works based on visits from zoos and aquaria globally, including the London Zoo, Hannover Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Shoenbrunn Zoo, Moscow Zoo and more.

Aryan is also the creator of the largest model zoo on Earth - covering over 30 square meters with more than 1000 animals, the Global Zoo Modelling Centre houses Aryan's large zoo setup complete with different theme worlds, animal enclosures full of enrichment and visitor attractions such as an Africa boat ride, large indoor rainforest house and more!

Aryan has also crafted a number of unique short and long films in the live-action and stop-motion categories. Among Aryan's live-action films are "Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde" (Dir. Aryan Marxaney), "The Cleaner and the Cook" (Dir. Aryan Marxaney), "The Globetrotters" (Dir. Aryan Marxaney) and "The Robbery" (Dir. Aryan Marxaney). Aryan has also directed and produced numerous stop-motion films covering nearly every aspect of life - from visits to the hospital through to school trips and airplane landings!

Finally, Aryan has also created numerous pastel, watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings. Amongst these paintings are many paintings of animals as well as cultural-architectural pieces which involve important architectural landmarks of different cultures.


Aryan has spoken at a great number of events and conferences, both in-person and online, around the globe. Aryan has inspired and talked to a vast number of educators and students alike, with attendees of his talks coming from countries ranging from Hungary to the Philippines and from India to Spain.

Though many of Aryan's talks have been inspirational or have focused on Aryan's volunteering work, Aryan has also had the opportunity to deliver a number of single "masterclasses" to students in topics inclusive of "Eutrophication" and "Cell transport."


Volunteering plays an essential role in Aryan's life. Aryan holds the position as the Chief Executive Officer and Director of The4Network and THE4NETWORK FOUNDATION, respectively, and also acts as the principal of the T4N Pinnacle Academy. Aryan has contributed a vast number of courses and endless hours to help make the T4N Pinnacle Academy a success. 

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