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Worldwide Education Project

The Worldwide Education Project is an innovative new project which aims to bring education to people on a global scale. We have identified a variety of focus areas for this project. The WEP works to help underprivileged children in getting an excellent education, helping open a huge library of new doors - each brimming with opportunities.

We have focused our efforts in the WEP on several central goals; expanding horizons through STEM education, knowledge of the world (geography), communication skills and sports. The growing field of STEM should definitely be open to people from across the world - our STEM program allows children to develop skills and knowledge in STEM, empowering and encouraging them to go into STEM careers. Geography is one field which is general undermined, especially in spaces with not yet completely developed education systems. However, knowing the world around us --- not to mention the vast possibilities which it holds --- allows children to develop ideas about where they want to be, learn about the cultures of the world and become a truly global citizen. Communication skills are another very important aspect of the WEP. We feel that communication skills are vital for moving forwards in terms of careers and life in general. By helping children develop these, we allow them to better become a global citizen prepared for a bright future. Our final focus area is sports. Sports is extremely important in our opinion, since good physical health is essential for good choices in life, academic success and more. Sports is also a bonding force between people, holding people throughout the world together.

Currently, the WEP has identified foci for impact across the globe in each continent. We help improve education in nations across the globe, but we will need your help to expand our reach!

There are many ways in which you can help the WEP! One amazing way of helping is volunteering to provide services including instructing, creating instructional videos and more! Get in touch with us via the Volunteer portal on this website!

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