Xperience Account Creation Features

With an Xperience platform, you can easily customize the account creation process. Accounts allow students, parents and teachers alike to manage activities such as viewing courses, chatting with others via groups, posting and viewing the forum and so many more! Member accounts are also what you can use to customize roles and access rights to various pages.

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Customize Signup and Login - You can fully customize the signup and login system for your website! Using conditional roles you can get different information from different people and add as many fields as you need. Call for file submissions or even e-signatures with our easy-to-use platform!

In the login stage, you can customize which information you would like to confirm. Only members whose information from login matches their information from sign up will be allowed through to your platform.

Allow for Account Customization - Once a student, parent or instructor has created an account with you, they can personalize this completely. You can add your own fields for members to fill out, sort by which type of members can fill out which fields, and even set which should be shown on the member's public profile (if the member chooses to create a public profile, which is not required and can be disabled.

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Member Tabs - All members have a set of member tabs on their member account which you can change! Allow for students to easily view their live and self-paced classes as well as addresses for shipment or save cards in their wallet for use at checkout!