Xperience Communication Features

Xperience boasts a huge variety of communication features to allow your students to communicate with ease. Aside from the live class forums, we offer groups (which can also be linked with self-paced classes) and a custom Picture sharing application for students to share their work!

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All Groups in One Place - With our platform you can view all of the communication in groups and easily create your own!

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Customize Group Info - You can easily customize the look and feel of your group! Set specific group rules, descriptions and more! You can even create events specifically for your group so only group members can join.

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Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 09.02.44.png

Change Group Settings - With our versatile group system, you can add items such as membership questions required for members before they join your group!

Make your Posts Stand Out - Create several topics for each group such as for different units etc. to allow students to tag their posts to a topic and then easily sort to find posts only about that topic!

When creating a post, students and instructors can utilize features such as interactive galleries, text, videos and even polls!

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Share Images of Student Work! - Through the use of our versatile image sharing platform, students and instructors can share images with a click and tag other members too!