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Xperience Education

Welcome to Xperience Education. Here at Xperience, we want to help every student learn by providing innovative content delivery systems. Our innovative learning management and enrollment management systems allow you to maximize your students' learning.

Xperience learning management systems for self-paced classes work exclusively with ∈ngaged learning for content. Our system has been developed in a way suited only for ∈ngaged content for these types of classes, although if you only offer live classes this is completely fine (you can also edit your school's self-paced classes). As a public or private and free school, you can use as much ∈ngaged content as you like, plus only pay $50 in monthly fees for your learning management system which we use to finance the website hosting.

If you are a private and charging school, you must pay $150 in monthly Xperience fees which includes all operations of your learning management system. Additionally, ∈ngaged charges a $150 flat fee per course plus a 30% commission from the revenues made from each course. Register as an ∈ngaged & Xperience school today!

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