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Xperience Education Features

Enrollment Features

We can fully customize your enrollment experience. Allow students to enroll for individual courses, grade levels and choose multiple course options too!

Communication Features

Students and teachers alike can communicate easily with our platform. Our platforms include features such as the ability to create communication groups (which each can include polls, topics, galleries and more) as well as an integrated platform to share photos of student work.

Account Creation Features

Students, parents and instructors can quickly create accounts on your website to manage all of their classes, information and more!

Teacher Features

Teacher features allow your teachers to easily communicate and share resources. Our platform allows teachers to share resources easily sorted into appropriate files and report absences with ease!

Self-Paced Class Features

Our self-paced class features make self-paced classes easy to use! We provide features for interactive self-paced courses including an integrated quiz platform with autograde functionalities.

Live Class Features

Our live class features allow for automated enrollment in classes and give teachers and students plentiful communication opportunities. Teachers can organize content clearly in posts using dividers and collapsible lists, and can even add quizzes for lessons into a frame within the post using embeds!

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