Xperience Enrollment Features

With Xperience you can truly streamline your enrollment process! Make it easy to enroll for courses with our fully customizable platform and various options!

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Create a Dynamic Course Catalog - With our course catalog feature, you can create your own catalogue for courses! When you ask to add another Engaged course to your offerings, it will be automatically added here too!

Simplified Enrollment - Whenever you add a course to your catalog, it will be automatically added to the enrollment system. On your course catalog, you can customize course options with age ranges, material options and more, setting price additions or subtractions for each!

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Specific Options - With our system, it has never been easier for parents to choose options they need for their course!

Customized Kits - If you need your students to have books or other materials for courses, we've got it covered! Let us know what you need inside of your kit and we can add it to your website. Here, people can fully customize the kit and it can even be ordered directly on your enrollment system. Our distribution network can cater to your needs and will make sure that your kits are shipped to students when they need them.

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Single Course Enrollment - Our live class single course enrollment system allows students to seamlessly sign up for courses in a click! They can choose their start date and will automatically be added to their course on the date they choose!

Self-Paced Class Single Class Enrollment - Our self-paced class single enrollment system allows students to easily join courses with a click! You can fully customize options such as if you want to have a "accept" button to accept someone into a course or if you want to allow anyone to sign up!

Full Flexibility - With our enrollment system, you can make the decisions. Choose who can enroll (or anyone), if you need to accept enrollments for people to join the course and so much more!

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Fully Integrated Payments - Our system integrates fully with a huge range of payment options. Get students and parents to pay on site, via PayPal, with credit or debit cards, Stripe, cryptocurrencies and so much more!