Xperience Live Class Features

With Xperience, you can host live classes easily! Once students sign up, they'll be added automatically to their live classes on the forums. Whilst on the forums, teachers can have rights such as deleting posts and you can customize items like group rules and much more!

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Let Students see their Classes - On the live class page students will only see their classes listed. For each class, they can then view announcements made by their teacher and assignments posted!

Organize Sections with Sub-Categories - Subcategories on the forum allow you to create multiple forums for multiple sections of a class. Students can still only see one section, but this structure allows instructors to post to all sections at once, or to each individually too!

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All the Announcements in one Place - The forums for each class show all class announcements in one place. Instructors can edit their announcements and duplicate them at any time too! Even better, they can form a repository forum for posts and simply move posts there with one click (and then move them back to a different forum for the next cohort!)

Make Posts Interactive - Posts on forums shouldn't be boring! Our features allow you to add collapsible lists to your posts and a whole hist of other features! Easily add videos by pasting in links or uploading them as well as files! Add custom embeds to embed a website (just with a link) or through an embed code! You can add your quizzes or assessments for the lesson like this!

Some other interactive features include code snippets and "secret" function - meaning people need to click on the text to make it show!

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Display Custom Text - Whenever a student wants to create a post, you can get custom messages to be shown for each forum which list guidelines or general information about the class!