Xperience Self-Paced Class Features

Our self-paced classes allow your students to succeed in their courses! Our wide variety of options for self-paced classes include a fully individually paced structure or a structure in which specific lessons are assigned to specific days (these allow you to say what should be done each day and then each week, and students will see the course scheduled to when they signed up!

Additionally, you can even create self-paced courses with your own start dates! Set a custom duration for your course and the student will be given a plan which lets them know how they should complete coursework to finish the course on time.

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Custom Pacing - When you create a course you can lay down a general schedule with "week 1, day 1" etc. and this will be automatically assigned to students so it fits with their start date!

Track Student Progress - Students will see when items in their course are overdue and the progress bar in their course measures their course progress. With tick marks on completed lessons and the ability to set up the course such that lessons can only be completed after the previous one has also been completed, tracking student progress for both students and instructors has never been easier!

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Packed with Interactive Elements - Each lesson in our self-paced courses can be filled with interactive content. Easily add videos as embeds or simply by uploading videos or adding Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook links! Add galleries with custom images and arrange them with a click into a grid, masonry, slideshow or other option!

You can also add custom code into your courses for interactive games, as well as embeds for tutoring services offered by your organization, events and more!

Auto Grade Quizzes - For each lesson you can add as many quiz questions as you like with as many answer options as you like! For each one, just choose the correct answer option, and our system will deal with the rest. Students will be scored according to your grading scheme and given either correct/wrong answer feedback which you can customise!

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Automate your Courses - You can choose to link up your course to a group with a single click! The platform will automatically create a group for you which you can customize with topics according to the units in your course as well as group rules and help labs which can be added and booked by students!

Additionally, you can assign badges given for course completion which will be automatically added to student profiles and can be used as prerequisite functions for other courses.