Xperience Teacher Features

Xperience Education makes it easy for teachers too! Teachers have access to tools such as moderation features for live class forums, can create their own self-paced classes and more!

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Upload All Files & Organize Them! - With our file share platform, teachers can organize class resources into folders (presentations, worksheets etc.) and then upload files! Our file share program accepts almost every commonly used file format - Slides, Spreadsheets, Word processing documents, PDFs and more! Easily download documents from each folder!

Teachers can create as many sub-folders under their class folder as they like!

Manage Permissions - For folders and sub-folders alike, you can assign certain members or certain classes the ability to view, upload and/or manage the folders! This allows you to add members of the class to a resource bank, or a lead instructor could add all of the instructors for the class!

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Easily Manage Instructor Absences - With our system you can just get instructors to fill out a short form when they can't make it to class! This includes the dates between which they won't be able to hold class and allows them to upload resources they would have used for those classes so that the cover instructor can run class properly!