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The4Network's commitment to education is unwavering. Through cutting-edge online schools like T4N Pinnacle Academy and dynamic in-person learning centers, we aim to make learning an engaging and transformative experience. Our comprehensive educational platforms cover a wide spectrum of subjects, empowering learners to excel academically and personally.

Pangea Virtual Education Group

The Pangea Virtual Education Group operates a number of institutions which together offer students pre-primary, primary, secondary, and tertiary education opportunities.

Bloomington Heights International School

Bloomington Heights is the first virtual school to offer the revolutionary GC (Global Curriculum) program for students in Rungs 1-13. In many ways, the Global Curriculum reinvents primary and secondary education by providing a fusion of the best elements of various international education systems.

Fastigium Charter School Network

The Fastigium Charter school network is creating a group of charter schools in various states which can bring the greatly successful curriculum used at the T4N Pinnacle Academy to students across the United States.


The VLibrary provides access to a vast library of articles written by T4N VLibrary staff. In our virtual library, you can browse content about a huge variety of topics!

Pinnacle Academy

The first school in the Pangea Group, the Pinnacle Academy offers both single course and full-time enrollment programs to K-12 students across the globe!

Kensington School

The Kensington school follows the British curriculum and offers enrollment for students from Year 7 through to Sixth form. Admission to Kensington is gained by taking the Kensington 11+ (Y7 entry) or 13+ (Y9 entry) exam.


At the Informaleon, you can let your imagination run wild! Learn about many topics in our video library, through our books or by ordering our kits! And don't forget to download our awesome presentations and worksheets!

Bright Star Virtual Academy

The Bright Star Virtual Academy is an independent school which offers students a British Reception through Sixth Form curriculum in a digital format. 

Proton School

The Proton School is a K-12 private school which offers students a STEM-focused curriculum. Though our curriculum certainly explores all realms of study, it focuses on a vital selection of subject which will shape the world's future - STEM subjects.

School Supply Store

Get all of the supplies you need to gear up for the coming school year in our school supply store! With an array of materials including stationary supplies, art supplies and more, this is the place to come to for all your school supply needs!

Bayview National University

BNU is the future of education, combining universal access with excellent quality. BNU's completely distance-based and extremely affordable nature ensures that higher education can be accessible to all, and our world-class faculty, hand-crafted learning management system, and expert-developed curriculum ensure that students can receive a high quality education.

Rainbow Montessori

Rainbow Montessori offers an immersive Montessori nursery experience for children aged 0-8. Through live sessions, one-on-one parent consultations and more, we provide a unique and dynamic experience for each student!


At T4N StudyBuddy, you have the unique opportunity to get the educational support you need through study skills courses, remedial courses, tutoring, mentoring and more!

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