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At The4Network, we believe that learning should be fun. In our endeavor to make education enjoyable, our Entertainment branch offers a host of fun activities through Digitus Learning Centers, from RC Car clubs to interactive science exhibitions. We infuse excitement into the learning journey. Get involved in our various 4Entertainment offerings through your local Digitus Learning Center!

RC Rev-Up

RC Rev-Up is an exhilarating project that brings remote-controlled car clubs to our Digitus Learning Centers. Students can explore the world of engineering, mechanics, and teamwork while having a blast racing and customizing their RC cars.

Literary World Wonders

Check out our wide variety of art albums there for only one purpose - to help you have fun! Browse through our art galleries and create your own too! Share photos with us and you can help have a positive impact on others too!

Science Spectacle

Science Spectacle is an interactive science exhibition that captivates young minds by showcasing the wonders of science and technology. Through hands-on experiments and engaging displays, students discover the excitement of scientific exploration.

Cinema Connection

Cinema Connection is a project that introduces students to the world of filmmaking. Through film clubs and hands-on workshops, students get a taste of the art and science behind the silver screen.

Arts Alive Showcase

The Arts Alive Showcase initiative celebrates creativity by providing a platform for students to display their artistic talents. Through art exhibitions, performances, and creative workshops, we inspire a passion for the arts.

MusicHarmony Hub

Music Harmony Hub invites students to explore the world of music through instruments, singing, and music production. From music clubs to interactive workshops, we encourage students to express themselves through sound.

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