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  • Is The4Network a nonprofit?
    Yes! The4Network is a nonprofit. We are incorporated in Delaware as THE4NETWORK FOUNDATION and we are registered under the same name in Minnesota.
  • What is a T4N Central Account? How do I set one up?
    Your T4N Central Account is an account which you can create for this website by clicking "log in" at the top and filling out the short form. Your T4N Central account will allow you to easily access many T4N projects. Some projects, such as the T4N Pinnacle Academy, will require you to create a separate account, although most will allow for log in (or will automatically log you in) with a T4N Central account. When filling out the T4N Central Account form, it is vital that you insert your profile link to another profile on a different T4N website if you have one, since this allows us to easily link up the accounts on both websites so you don't need to double-enter your information!
  • Why are there so many different projects of The4Network?
    The4Network operates a huge variety of projects which work on different goals. It may get unclear if everything had the same name, so different projects have different names which relate to their individual missions. However, each project is governed entirely by T4N, and all projects focus on delivering their help through the direct help method.
  • What is direct help? Why is it important?
    Direct help is the movement started by The4Network - a movement which we believe should and is going global. Direct help is the concept of enabling people worldwide to have a direct impact on the world - whether that is the lives of others or the preservation of our environment. The4Network enables people to become direct helpers - whether they have one hour per week or days and days on end - thereby taking away the middleman of donations and money and replacing it with people who are willing to help and want to impact the world positively.
  • What are the main branches of The4Network?
    The main branches of The4Network fall under education, fun, the environment and innovation.
  • What are T4N's Education projects?
    The education projects operated by The4Network are: ∈ngaged Learning: ∈ngaged learning operates a massive library of course content, supplying content for live and self-paced classes to institutions around the globe, such as T4N Pinnacle Academy. Pinnacle Academy: Pinnacle Academy is the free online school of T4N. Using content from ∈ngaged Learning, Pinnacle Academy brings free education to children around the globe. Informaleon: At the Informaleon, you can let your imagination run wild! Learn about many topics in our engaging video library, through our books or by ordering our kits! Even better, download our free presentations and worksheets on the go! StudyBuddy: At T4N StudyBuddy, you have the unique opportunity to get the educational support you need through courses on study skills, remedial courses, tutoring, mentoring and more! VLibrary: The VLibrary provides access to a vast library of articles written by T4N VLibrary staff. In our virtual library, you can browse content about a huge variety of topics! International Pedagogical Institute: The T4N IPI aims to help educators become educators of the future. We offer training courses for teachers and coaches around the world, and host a myriad of education conferences and fairs. Xperience Education: T4N Xperience allows each student to achieve their ultimate potential through providing immersive virtual content delivery systems. We work with ∈ngaged Learning and Pinnacle Academy to allow high quality course content to be delivered in an easy-to-use system. Bada Institute for Educational Testing: The T4N BIET provides a diverse range of tests which may be administered by schools or colleges. Some of the key test series offered include the ESEST (Elementary School Educational Standards Tests), MSEST (Middle School Educational Standards Tests), HSEST (High School Educational Standards Tests), CLTS (College Level Test System) and CRA (College Readiness Assessment) Worldwide Education Project: The Worldwide Education Project aims to bring education of a high quality to children across the world. We aim to make an impact by providing courses, support and materials to children in need of support.
  • What are T4N's "Fun!" projects?"
    The T4N Fun! branch offers the following projects: Group ConnXion: With the group ConnXion, you can communicate in groups with small numbers of people or thousands! You can create groups with ease and communicate in the, helping you make new friends! Live ConnXion: Our live ConnXion allows you to connect with others throughout the world in realtime. Get to know and make friends with people much older and much younger than you, and empower others to be happy too! Photographic ConnXion: With the Photographic ConnXion, you can get to know others and make new friends by means of pictures. Share photos via our advanced sharing platform and make new friends! Discussion ConnXion: Discuss with others about topics which interest you! Here, you can start your own threads or answer to the threads of others about all sorts of things - from trying to solve a difficult problem to ethical mind-boggling questions! Art4Fun: Check out our wide variety of art albums there for only one purpose - to help you have fun! Browse through our art galleries and create your own too! Share photos with us and you can help have a positive impact on others too! Photography4Fun: Here you will find a large collection of photos for you to look at! Absorb yourself into the world of the photo as you browse through our neat photo albums! And... you can take part too! Send us your photos and we'll add them so you can help others with them too! Music4Fun: The Music4Fun project allows you to listen to music composed and/or performed by our volunteers! You can contribute to this growing library of free music too, allowing others to listen to it and gain inspiration! Collaborator: The Collaborator allows you to easily share documents as you work on collaborative projects. Work with a team as you try to crack problems and make new friends on the way! Podcast4Fun: The Podcast4Fun project allows you to learn about new things and experience events from the eyes of someone else! Hear us interview a wide variety of people, both within T4N and outside of it!
  • Why are some branches labeled as "coming soon"?"
    Every year The4Network goes through required maintenance for all branches! In this time all information regarding these branches is down, although it will come back up soon! Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Which payment options are offered by The4Network?
    Across all of our projects, we offer a variety of payment options including PayPal and a variety of Credit and Debit cards.
  • Does The4Network have a physical location?
    We do have a physical location! The4Network's office can be visited at: 1313 S 6th Street, Suite B Brainerd, MN, 56401
  • What Enrollment & Class Formats are there?
    At the T4N Pinnacle Academy, we offer both full time and single course enrollment. With single course enrollment, you can take as many courses as you like but you cannot get a diploma from us. However, for both full-time and single course enrollment you will get transcripts upon successful completion of courses. The class formats offered at the T4N Pinnacle Academy are live and self-paced classes. Live classes meet on a weekly basis via Zoom, whilst self-paced classes allow you to complete coursework at your own pace.
  • Where can I find all courses offered at the T4N Pinnacle Academy?
    To find a complete list of all of our courses, we recommend using the page Simply scroll down and then select a school level (Elementary, Middle or High school) and view our complete course list.
  • Where can I find what a course is about?
    You can find descriptions of all of our courses on
  • Which full-time enrollment options are available?
    We offer three options for full-time enrollment at the Pinnacle Academy: Tuition-free: includes unlimited courses, online support and graduation Course-by-course materials: includes unlimited courses, online support and graduation; course materials can be purchased individually at an additional cost All-in-one: includes unlimited courses, unlimited course materials, membership in the Dream Initiative (regular school trips and help achieving your goals), online support and graduation
  • How do I apply to become a full-time student?
    To apply to become a full-time student, just fill out our brief application on:
  • How can a Course-by-Course Materials Full-time student choose their materials?
    As a course-by-course course materials full-time student, you can choose the materials which you would like to receive by simply visiting
  • What is the tuition rate for All-in-one Full-time students?
    The tuition charged for All-in-one full-time students is based on the educational allowances from the US foreign service. These allowances can be accessed via:
  • How can I sign up for a Live Class as a single course student?
    If you are looking to sign up for a live class, all you need to do is visit and select the courses you wish to take! It is important to note that most of our live classes are only open for sign up for the August/September cohorts. You can always request for a live class cohort to be opened up for you by emailing
  • How do I sign up for a Self-Paced Course as a single course student?
    In order to sign up for a self-paced course, just visit and then select your chosen course! The self-paced classes shown do not include all of our self-paced options; if you wish to see a certain class you can always request this by emailing us on so that we can open up a new cohort for you!
  • Is the T4N Pinnacle Academy accredited?
    Yes, we are accredited! Our whole school is accredited (and all courses approved by the GEAC (Global Education Accrediting Commission), and our high school is NCAA accredited.
  • Is the Pinnacle Academy entirely free?
    Yes, it definitely is! All of our courses are completely free of charge, as is full-time enrollment. We do offer two paid full-time enrollment plans, one of which offers course materials and the other of which offers course materials, school trips and a variety of other benefits.
  • Does Pinnacle Academy provide physical materials?
    Physical materials can be purchased for most courses at the T4N Pinnacle Academy. Physical materials can be ordered: By single course students through the Informaleon website via By course-by-course course material full-time students through a portal on the Pinnacle Academy website, accessed via By all-in-one full-time students when choosing courses with an enrollment counselor
  • How can I access my Live Course?
    All live classes can easily be accessed via - if you are prompted to "sign up," just click the "already a member? log in" button at the top, and then log in with the email and password for your account. Then, you will see all your classes! Remember that you need to sign up before being able to see classes!
  • I'm being prompted to create a member account... What should I do?
    When you try to sign up for a live or self-paced course, you'll need to create a member account. Just complete this form entirely, and remember the first email you enter and the password, since these are what you will use to log into your account in the future. For the waiver, make sure to fill out all fields by hand or online, and then submit each page in the dropboxes individually.
  • What does ∈ngaged Learning do?
    ∈ngaged learning brings high quality course content to students across the globe by supplying courses to schools worldwide. We supply complete courses for both the public and private sector for elementary, middle and high school levels.
  • Why should my school chose ∈ngaged learning?
    ∈ngaged learning provides you with many amazing features including interactive and understandable content, clear parent guides, plently of opportunities to review content (such as flashcards and more), engaging quizzes, a perfect fit with physical materials, ready-made presentations and even ready-made forum posts! Learn more about ∈ngaged learning's awesome features on this page:
  • How much does an ∈ngaged Learning course cost?
    All of our courses can be used for free in tuition-free private and public schools. However, we do charge on a per-course basis for all private schools. To get one course from ∈ngaged Learning, you must pay (as a private school): A $150 flat fee 30% of the revenues from the course (subtracted immediately upon course purchase)
  • How can my school become ∈ngaged Learning powered?
    Your school can become an ∈ngaged Learning powered school simply by completing the form on this page:
  • I am an existing ∈ngaged Learning powered public school... how can I access my resources?
    To enroll your students for new courses, change your school info or give us feedback, access your ∈ngaged Learning powered public school portal using the page below! Note that you will be prompted to log into your school account in order to access your portal!
  • I am an existing ∈ngaged Learning powered private school... how can I access my resources?
    To add new courses to your website for students to your website, change your school info or give us feedback, access your ∈ngaged Learning powered private school portal using the page below! Note that you will be prompted to log into your school account in order to access your portal!
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