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The4Network is a mission on direct help. That means that we empower the people of this world to have a positive impact. Through The4Network, some people are able to benefit from the help of others and others are able to volunteer in order to help others. The4Network offers programs in many areas, such as education, the environment, fun and innovation! Since we want to allow anyone to become a direct helper and have a direct impact, we want you to volunteer with us whether you have an hour per week or days on end! Browse our website to discover the programs you can benefit from through means of direct help, and be sure to check out our volunteer portal if you would like to be a volunteer, or find out how we can help you as an organisation!

Our Mission

The4Network has a mission of empowering everyone on this Earth through direct help. We believe that direct help is the solution for many of the world's issues, and we empower anyone on Earth to become a direct helper and empower through means of education, the environment, innovation and bonds. Not only do we allow and empower people to become direct helpers, we also provide a marketplace for anyone to benefit from direct help and be empowered by new knowledge, friends or something else.

Volunteers Cleaning
Volunteers on Construction Site

Our Vision

Our vision is greater than making us as an organization go forwards. We want to empower a generation of change-makers and start a movement - a wave - of direct helpers eager to have a positive impact on the lives of others. We want to start off that direct help chain reaction, as each direct helpers empowers the people they are empowering to become direct helpers of the future too.

We Need Your Support Today!

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