Halloween Center!

Welcome to the official T4N place for all things to do with Halloween! Browse our resources for this time of year below!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Why not go on a fun Halloween scavenger hunt this year? You can go trick-or-treating virtually through our websites! Here's what you can do!

  1. On www.the4network.org try to find:

    1. A black cat

    2. A pumpkin

    3. A witch

    4. Two spider webs

    5. A lot of bats! (how many bats can you find?)

  2. On www.pinnacleacademy.the4network.org try to find as many Halloween items as you can! Count how many items you find!

  3. Send in your results from these websites and Halloween icon numbers on any of our project websites to halloween@the4network.org and see if your answer was correct!

Ghost Train!

Take a ride on a ghost train (virtually at least!) in this ghost train constructed by Aryan Marxaney!